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APDL can automatically retrieve flight options for your commute to and from work. To enable the commute feature, turn on the switch in the Commute section. Designate which airport you usually commute from near your home on the "Home Airport" line. The "Commute To" and "Commute From" lines allow you to enter a time buffer for APDL to use when retrieving commute flights. The "Commute To" value sets how many minutes prior to your report time on the first day of your trip you would like your commute flights to arrive at your domicile airport. If you would like to arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to your report time, you would set this value to "30". Shown below as zero, this displays all flights arriving up to actual report time, which allows you to determine which flight(s) are most appropriate manually. The same applies for the "Commute Home" value. This sets how many minutes after your last leg is scheduled to arrive on the last day to start searching for flights to commute home. The last option "Tracked Flights" sets how many flights APDL will retrieve, starting from the time buffers you set for "Commute To" and "Commute Home". This allows you to include multiple flights if you prefer to have some backup options for your commute, or if your airline requires a certain number of backups for a commuting policy.