Productivity Forecast gives you an overview of your proximity to FAR 117.23 cumulative limits at a glance. There is a graph view for a quick glance as well as a chart view with precise values. Both of these can be customized with a custom date range.


Productivity forecast displays a graph that shows your cumulative block time over the previous 672 consecutive hours. This total is calculated relative to each day on the graph. Dates in the past are calculated using actual block values and are indicated by a shaded green area on the graph. Dates in the future are forecast using actual and scheduled block times and are indicated by a dashed green line on the graph.

Date Range

With customizable date ranges, APDL can display multiple date ranges. The graph displays the current month by default when first opened. The month being displayed is shown at the top of the screen along with the beginning and end date. You can display a different month by tapping the arrows to the left and right of the month name. Tap the "Today" button at the top right which shows the current date to instantly view the current month.

The date range can be customized if you wish to display any period of time other than a single month. Tap the edit button at the top right to enter edit mode. The edit button looks like a calendar icon.

Tapping the start and end date rows will open a calendar and you can manually select dates for your custom range. Your custom date range can be renamed by tapping the month name above the start date. The reset button will set the start and end dates to the first and last day of the month. Tap done to exit edit mode and return to the graph display.

A note at the very bottom of the page shows the specific dates, times, and time zone used to determine currently displayed values.

Block and FDP Availability

A chart view of exact block and FDP values is displayed below the graph section. This chart displays one row for every day within the selected date range. The values displayed on each row are calculated for that specific date. As with the graph above, results for dates in the past are determined using actual block and FDP values while results for dates in the future are forecast by using actual and scheduled values. The Available Block column displays the remaining block hours before you reach the limit of 100 in 672. The Available FDP column displays remaining FDP hours before you reach the limit of 60 in 168.

Using Productivity Forecast

The Productivity Forecast page can be very useful for identifying your proximity to FAR 117 cumulative limits at a glance. This information can be used to identify ideal dates to add flying to your schedule for maximum efficiency within FAR 117 cumulative limits. Alternatively, it can help identify potential problem dates where it may be beneficial to remove flying if you are nearing a limit.