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Mobile logbook solutions (apps) are are available for Palm OS, Pocket PC (Windows Mobile), iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Android phone, Android tablets, Kindle Fire and NOOK tablets.  Leave your PC behind and take Logbook Pro on the road entering your flight information while traveling.  Simply synchronize your data over the cloud for effortless and highly reliable synchronization.

Be sure to take full advantage of this modern software package. At any time in the program hover the mouse over the toolbar buttons and see informational popup messages explaining what will occur if the button underneath the mouse pointer is clicked. Also note there are shortcut keystrokes at the end of the popup messages or to the right of the menu entry, such as "CTRL+F." This keystroke combination means to hold down the CTRL button on the keyboard and also press the F key. A second major feature to help get the most out of Logbook Pro are popup menus also called context-sensitive menus that appear when right-clicking within the software. Depending on where you right-click your mouse, different menus will appear, helping to provide the user with the most convenient options for the active area.

Logbook Pro is a Shareware application meaning it is available in a Try-Before-You-Buy basis. There are no timeouts within Logbook Pro and the evaluation is fully-functional with only one restriction -- a 50-entry limit on flight entries. Take a test drive as long as desired to be absolutely certain before you buy -- there's no risk so have fun. When ready to purchase, click the option to register from the first window displayed on program startup (evaluation mode only) or click Help...Activate Licenses. The options are self-explanatory from that point. A code will be registered for your system and the software will automatically lift evaluation restrictions and set the edition based on your purchase. There is no need to download/install any additional software; the evaluation edition is the complete package governed until a key code is entered. Registration is secure using our 128-bit high encrypted e-commerce web site. We do not store credit card information for your protection nor share any contact information outside NC Software.