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Logbook Pro Mobile communicates with your master logbook "Logbook Pro Desktop" over the cloud.  Synchronization is effortless with no setup required.  Simply sign in to your NC Software account in Logbook Pro Desktop and also in Logbook Pro Mobile and both are automatically communicating with one another.  Logbook Pro Desktop as your master logbook holds your configuration information such as your aircraft types, autofill settings, etc.  It also generates all reports used by Logbook Pro Mobile to encompass your entire logbook, currency configuration, and other relevant information to view at a glance in Logbook Pro Mobile on any supported device.  Every time you sync Logbook Pro Desktop it pulls down any new data submitted from Logbook Pro Mobile, updates your logbook, generates new reports and currency status and then uploads the refreshed data to the cloud, all within only a few seconds.  

The cloud keeps your data in sync between multiple Logbook Pro Mobile synchronizations.  You can sync, edit or add entries, and then resync.  Once Logbook Pro Desktop syncs with the cloud the data is pulled down from the cloud and inserted into Logbook Pro Desktop.  You can still make changes on the device and resync and Logbook Pro Desktop will update the entries based on your changes.  Synchronization is extremely reliable and efficient.  

Sync is not a backup as the cloud does not retain your data once it is transferred into Logbook Pro Desktop.  If interested in a Cloud Backup solution for Logbook Pro Desktop to keep your entire Logbook Pro data in the cloud safe and secure, click here.

To learn about the Cloud Sync Portal click here.

The Synchronization Process

Sync is triggered in Logbook Pro Desktop from the Cloud Sync button on the toolbar from within you can click Sync Now.  You can also enable automatic sync to sync on startup and shutdown.  From Logbook Pro Mobile you can sync from various places.  On the top of the home screen and various other screens.  Logbook Pro Mobile is used to add new DATA which synced to the cloud and then into Logbook Pro Desktop and also to view Reports.  After adding or editing data on your device in Logbook Pro Mobile sync to the cloud manually or use any of the options in Settings/Synchronization.  You can, if desired but not required, login to and see your device data staged in the cloud awaiting pickup by Logbook Pro Desktop.  Either via scheduled sync, automatic sync, or by clicking Cloud Sync / Sync Now in Logbook Pro Desktop the data will be brought down from the cloud and can then be viewed in Logbook Pro Desktop.

Data items in the four data areas will change from Black to Gray indicating the data has been synced.  If you edit the data on the device it will change from Synced to Unsynced and be sent to the Cloud Sync portal at next synchronization.  If the data still resides on the Cloud Sync portal it will get replaced with the changes from the device.  Data that resides in Logbook Pro Desktop is not sent to the device as the data as once data is entered into your log it is "in the books" and should not be touched.  Your data is now represented by the Reports which report on your logbook inputs.  

If you wish to add data to the device such as a prior Certificates, Ratings, and History items which already exist in Logbook Pro Desktop, be sure to check the "Synchronized" item at the bottom of the data entry screen when saving.  By manually marking an item as Synchronized it will not be sent to the Cloud Sync portal but remain on the device for reference.  Flights marked as "Pending Flight" are not synced until the "Pending Flight" check mark is cleared and flight saved unless optioned in Settings/Synchronization to also sync pending flights.


Once data is synced and verified accurate in Logbook Pro Desktop the data is of no use on the device.  It is not used for reports, etc. therefore to keep the device running fast and reliably you should purge synced data. Tap the trash can button in any data area or the Home Screen and you will be presented with options one of which is Purge Synced.

Choose the Purge Synced option to quickly purge only the synchronized data marked as flown (non pending).  

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