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Welcome to the most advanced and complete logbook app for airline pilots.  APDL has a long history from its initial incarnation for Palm OS and Windows Mobile as the airline pilot's tool of choice for their red book replacement.  APDL for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad's running Apple's iOS is now available to aid airline pilots in complying with the complex regulations associated with Part 117.  In addition to a real time reference for Part 117 it is also a complete logbook solution taking advantage of the unique layouts of iPhone and iPad with custom views and input screens.  Extensive settings allow airline pilots to shape APDL to suit their needs and airline contract configurations.  With the launch of APDL on January 4th, 2015 we began a new era with APDL and look forward to continued development and building out the amazing features from this day forward.  We have only just begun.

If evaluating APDL or have yet to download it you can do so by clicking the App Store image above.  APDL is FREE to explore with full functionality the first 90 days.  You can also explore the app with the included Sample Log which shows APDL with populated data.  Install to your iOS device then tap the Sample Log button on the login screen to enter a mode allowing you to explore all of APDL's functionality or sign in with your NC Software account to go LIVE with your data.  APDL includes schedule importer functionality, data everywhere high-speed synchronization allowing you to use any and all of your devices and keep them all in sync with NC Software's custom enterprise synchronization infrastructure.  NC Software does not rely on any third party synchronization such as Apple's iCloud system allowing NC Software to maintain full control of your data and synchronization without having breaking changes introduced by third party changes.  Your data is also backed up on NC Software's systems with every synchronization allowing you to change devices, reinstall, and resume exactly where you last left off, all included with your APDL subscription.  APDL also includes an airline pilot centric web portal at where you'll find an advanced schedule importer and other utilities.

If you have any questions feel free to use NC Software's Community Forums for peer-to-peer discussions and assistance including support of NC Software's extensive team of professional airline pilots who beta tested APDL for over a year.  If you require one on one technical support you are welcome to open a support case as free technical support is included with APDL.

We hope you'll tell your friends about APDL and let them know there is an airline pilot logbook available for them to use.  The team of developers, support staff, and over 60 of your peer airline pilots have worked over 3 years in development and one year in extensive beta testing to bring you the highest quality app possible.  We hope you like it and we look forward to your feedback to help us continue to evolve APDL over the years to come.

Thank you for choosing APDL for your 117 Airline Logbook needs and we hope this extensive documentation will help you get the most out of your software.


Neal Culiner
President, NC Software, Inc.