Version 8.4 is a major update to APDL - Airline Pilot Logbook with over 100 issues enhanced or fixed. The main focus of this update is to significantly improve performance of the app, bring it up to the latest Apple iOS technology specifications such as the higher performance data layer, and continue to build upon a solid platform for airline pilots flying under Part 117.

A major issue affecting sync has finally been resolved. The issue was not with sync itself but a save conflict in some scenarios within the app. All users, once updated to 8.4 and on a strong Internet connection, should go to Settings > Sync & Backup on your primary device and tap the UP ARROW option to Replace Cloud with Device data. This will refresh your cloud data to ensure it has all of the information on your device which may have been affected by this issue. If you have multiple devices with APDL installed, secondary devices should then do the down arrow option to replace device with cloud. Your data is now synced up and should not have a problem going forward. iOS 10 is the minimum required OS level going forward.

Revisions in this Release:

- Significant performance improvements mainly observed in Schedule and Calendar areas
- New weather forecast information in Schedule and Calendar areas
- New Settings > General > Show on App Resume "Automatic" mode which sets your resuming view based on your current duty phase
- Much faster duty phase awareness on launch/resume to allow features like quick launch shortcuts and the status board to function more effectively
- New "Big Clock" status board widget replaces the existing clock widget which is available if desired as a "Small Clock" widget. Tap Edit on the top right of the Status Board to discover and select widgets per duty phase.
- Improve schedule importing to allow better historic data importing further in the past
- Resolve an issue affecting battery drain caused by the Map widget in the Status Board
- Update the cloud and internal airport databases for changes and additions reported by users
- Improved Hints system to show all hints per area in one screen
- Change terminology for the crewmember entry area better suited for augmented ops
- Resolve an issue where the Leg could not be saved as the editor did not indicate an error in time entry such as Instrument exceeding Flight Time
- As the employer is critical for related information throughout career transitions, APDL will prompt to set if not set
- Improved tapability of the left/right date navigators on the top of various screens
- Fix an issue with the link in Calendar Appointments and linking back to open the trip in APDL
- Fix an issue with the presentation of percentage flown in the Approaches screen
- Improve EDCT lookups for domestic vs. international flights
- Improve the interaction with the notification bar at the bottom of APDL where an (x) is now presented to dismiss the notification, otherwise tapping the notification opens the respective area of the app
- Highlight the TODAY row in the Schedule view as is done in the Calendar view already
- Improve error logging for tech support troubleshooting
- Allow further zooming in on the weather map when markers are close together. In high zoom levels the weather radar will turn off automatic to avoid pixilation
- Added Ship Number to the Tail list
- Add option to disable Check Schedule feature to temporarily disable it
- Various and numerous other bug fixes and enhancements beyond the highlights above

We greatly thank our private and public beta team members for their outstanding testing throughout this development cycle. We also appreciate all of our users that send us problem reports, suggestions, and provide feedback to help us continue to improve APDL to support the airline pilot community.

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