Logbook Pro comes in three versions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions. Below is a description of each version to help decide which version best suits you. The Evaluation Edition reflects the Enterprise Edition, i.e. all available features active.  When registering your software you do not need to download any additional software, entering the purchased key code information will set the Evaluation Edition to one of the registered versions as described below. Refer to the License Agreement for legally binding information.  PDA Companions will sync to any registered PC edition.

Standard Edition:

The Standard Edition is our basic edition of Logbook Pro containing all of the main features required in a logbook. The Standard Edition is for use of one pilot and one logbook, per licensed terminal.  Sync Wizard for PC-to-PC sync is disabled, FAR 121/135 features disabled.

Professional Edition:

The Professional Edition, our most popular version, represents all the features included in the Standard Edition with the addition of the ability to synchronize multiple computers with one logbook and FAR 121/135 Features for both the PC and PDA.

Licensing allows the use of one pilot logbook on two computers, each additional computer (beyond two) requires a separate Professional Edition license. The Synchronize Wizard is a step-by-step based system guiding the user through the steps in creating a replica of the master logbook for use on a second computer. A pilot can enter data on one computer, i.e. at home, then enter data on a second computer, i.e. a laptop computer on the road. No need to transfer a data file back and forth, enter a few flights on one computer, enter new flights on another computer and at any later time bring the two files together using the Synchronize Wizard and both data files will be brought up-to-date with information contained in the other that the current file does not have. Very powerful capability for using multiple computers for the sole use of one pilots logbook.

Enterprise Edition:

The Enterprise Edition is our most powerful version of Logbook Pro. Licensed for installation on one terminal for the use of an unlimited number of logbooks. Each terminal requires its own unique Enterprise Edition license.  This scenario if perfect for corporate environments such as an Airline or Fractional, FBO, or flight school, or a household with more than one pilot. Use the Enterprise Edition to create an unlimited number of logbooks such as with a flight school having all students maintain their logbooks on the computer so the instructor can review their progress at the click of a mouse. Upon graduation, save a backup of the logbook to a floppy and provide to the student, which can subsequently purchase Logbook Pro and open their data for continued use on any of the above PC editions.