The Airports page shows a list of all the airports in the APDL database. The page opens on the recent tab where a list of all your recently used airports are displayed.

You can choose to view all airports in the Continental US or the world by tapping the CONUS or World tabs at the top of the screen. This expands the search bar to reveal more tabs to narrow down your search. You can choose to display airports by IATA, ICAO, or FAA abbreviation format, or just display all airports. To deselect Conus, tap the "..." tab next to Conus.

Tap any airport to view its details. This includes numerous details about the airport including identifiers, coordinate information, time zone and Daylight Savings information, sunrise/sunset information, flights to and from that airport, interactive satellite map view, and any notes entered by you on any flight entry for that airport. You can also access this detail view by force touching or swiping left on an airport on the leg view.

Tapping on the flights row will show a list of all flights to and from that airport. Tapping one of these flights will take you directly to that flight entry.

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