All crewmembers you have flown with and entered into APDL are listed here with their company ID. 

The crewmembers list is sorted and organized alphabetically as well as by crew position and airline. Use the selector at the top of the screen to choose which crewmembers you want to view filtered by position. This makes selecting crewmembers for flight entries much easier since, for example, APDL only displays FOs when you are selecting a crewmember for the FO position. Additionally, if you have changed airlines, you can view only crewmembers associated with your current airline to avoid crewmembers from a previous airline cluttering the list.

You can skip directly to names beginning with a certain letter by using the index of letters at the right edge of the screen. This index will only contain letters that have crewmembers listed under them.


Tap on any crewmember to view or edit their details. If you have a 3D Touch enabled device, you can force press to peek at the details of each crewmember, while a harder press will allow you to pop to that page to edit that information. If you have a non 3D Touch enabled device, a long press causes the peek action and displays a menu with options to edit that crewmember's information, or go directly to a list of all flights with that crewmember. Tapping the three dots in a circle icon at the top right next to the "Done" button will allow you to select the current crewmember as Captain or First Officer for the current or next leg directly from the Settings/Crewmembers list.


Details on the number of flights and date of the last flight with the crewmember are listed below their name and company ID.

The crewmember's position can be set by choosing the appropriate segment of the Position selector. This will determine which list the crewmember is displayed in when viewing crewmember lists.

The Flights row displays the number of flights you have flown with that particular crewmember. Tapping on that row will display a list of all of those flights with that crewmember. Tapping on any flight within that list will go directly to that flight entry.

Each crewmember entered in APDL is associated with an airline. This allows for easier organization of your data as your career progresses and you, or they, may move on to other airlines and you want to keep your selection lists in APDL as neat as possible and prevent them from becoming excessively large. You can view or change the airline the crewmember is associated with by tapping on this line.

The "This is Me" switch allows you to designate to APDL who YOU are so it can differentiate you from other crewmembers. The first time you open the crewmembers page, you will be prompted to select your crew card. Among other things, this allows APDL to automatically move your crewmember entry to a new airline when you change your employer in Airline Settings. You will then show up in green text on the crewmember lists.

Setting "This is Me" does not automatically set you to the default CA or FO. You must do this manually, if desired.

To set a crewmember as default, tap the "Set as Default Captain" or "Set as Default First Officer" button as appropriate. The current default crewmembers are listed below these buttons. Setting a crewmember as default will cause them to be preselected when creating a new flight manually or with the schedule importer. That crewmember will also be identified on the crewmembers list with a CA or FO next to their employee number.

To delete a crewmember, tap the red "Delete Crewmember" button at the bottom. Alternatively, you can swipe left on the crewmembers list.

A crewmember that has been flown with and logged in APDL cannot be deleted.

Crewmembers can be archived to hide them from the list of crewmembers in order to declutter the list if they are no longer used if desired. This does not remove them from any entries, it just hides them. Crewmembers can be archived by selecting the Archived switch to on in the crew details section, or by swiping left in the crewmembers list. Archived items can be viewed by going to Settings >  General and turning on "Show Archived Data".


A crewmember cannot be archived if it is set as default.

If "Show Archived Data" is turned on, archived items will be shown in the list as grayed out.

Creating a Crewmember

Tap the "+" to create a new crewmember.

Enter the Crewmember name, and position. You can add Company ID and additional notes if desired. Newly created crewmembers are assigned by default to the airline selected as your current employer. You can change the airline manually if needed. Tap save to continue.

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