Payroll settings are important not only for getting your payroll calculations as accurate as possible, but also for accurate legality calculations.

The Payroll settings page lists all payroll categories available for selection in APDL. The value displayed to the right indicates the percentage of flights entered in APDL of each payroll category. There are a number of "standard" payroll categories that are built into APDL. Additionally, you can create custom payroll categories to meet specific needs that you may have as a result of a specific provision in your company contract.

Tap any payroll category to view or edit its details. If you have a 3D Touch enabled device, you can force press to peek at the details of each payroll category, while a harder press will allow you to pop to that page to edit that information.

Standard payroll categories can be edited but cannot be deleted.


The payroll category title is displayed at the top. This title can be edited if desired.


The Payroll category options configure how APDL handles each entry in multiple ways. Make sure all payroll categories are properly configured for your airline.

Apply to Flight Time should be selected ON if this is an entry that would be entered in your logbook as flight time.  A deadhead, return to gate, taxi, canceled flight, would all be examples that do NOT apply to flight time.

Apply to Legality should be selected ON if this is an entry that would be considered "duty" or NOT considered "rest". A canceled flight would NOT apply to legality while a deadhead, return to gate, taxi, training, or interruption in rest WOULD apply to legality.

Apply to Pay should be selected ON if this is an entry that is paid. If your company pays for canceled flights, then this would be selected ON while if your company does not pay for canceled flights, then this would be selected OFF.

Return to Gate should be selected on if this is a return to gate without a flight taking place. This is important for accurate legality computations.

Set All Legs to this Type allows you to set all legs of a trip to a single payroll category all at once. When enabled and the associated payroll category is selected on a leg, you will be given the option to set all legs to that payroll category or just that single leg. This could be useful for things that typically occur over several legs such as calling out sick, being displaced from a trip, or designating vacation time.

Above Guarantee indicates that the payroll category selected will always credit above guarantee regardless of the total credit for the pay period. This is most common for flights worked on a day off or a junior assignment.

Sync to Calendar tells APDL that you would like this type of entry to be synced to your calendar if you have calendar sync enabled. This allows you to fine tune which types of entries you want on your calendar and which ones you don't.


Override Pay rate allows you to designate a specific pay rate, other than your base pay rate, that applies to the specified payroll category. For example, if you are paid a premium rate for working a junior assignment, a day off, or a holiday, enable this setting and enter the appropriate pay rate.

Minimum Credit allows you to designate a minimum value you are credited during any duty period where this payroll category is selected. This is commonly known as "min day credit". For example, if you are given a junior assignment and are paid a minimum of 4 hours regardless of actual hours flown during the junior assignment, you would enter 4+00 in the minimum credit field.

Apply Leg Rig allows you to configure a pay rig per leg. An example of this would be if your company pays 50% for deadhead flights. In this case, you should enable this setting and enter a credit to block ratio of 1:2. This means for every 2 hours of block on a deadhead flight, you are credited with 1 hour of pay. The footer text will help you correctly configure the appropriate ratio.


You may have to use higher numbers to get the ratio correctly configured. Such as If your company pays 75% for deadhead flights, you would need to enter a credit to block ratio of 3:4. It is also possible to enter decimal numbers such as a ratio of 1:3.5

You can use the "Set as Default" button to designate a payroll category as default. The default payroll category will be automatically selected for all newly created trips both imported and manually created. The default payroll category is displayed below this button.

Payroll Categories can be archived to hide them from the list in order to declutter the list if they are no longer used if desired. This does not remove them from any entries, it just hides them. Payroll Categories can be archived by selecting the Archived switch to on in the Payroll Category details section, or by swiping left in the Payroll Categories list. Archived items can be viewed by going to Settings >  General and turning on "Show Archived Data".

"Delete Payroll Category" can be tapped to delete custom payroll categories.

Payroll Categories can be archived or deleted by swiping left on the Payroll Categories list.

Adding a Payroll Category

Tap the "+" at the top right to add a custom Payroll Category. Configure the details as desired.

Canceled Prior To Duty

An important note about the Canceled Prior To Duty payroll category. APDL will not allow the Duty On time to be set after the departure time of the first leg. This includes a canceled leg in the event that the leg is canceled after you report for duty. The Canceled Prior To Duty payroll category is intended to be used when a leg is canceled prior to reporting for duty and your Duty On time is therefore adjusted to a later time. If the Canceled Prior To Duty payroll category is selected, APDL will allow you to adjust the Duty On time after the scheduled departure time of the canceled leg. This allows your duty calculations to be correct while also allowing you to keep the canceled leg in APDL for payroll tracking purposes.

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