The Position selection in APDL designates your role during a flight. Position information is used for logging purposes to track items such as landings and Pilot in Command.

There are several standard position designations built into APDL. These positions are listed on the Positions main page with the percentage of flights occupying that position displayed to the right. The default position is designated with a checkmark. A custom position can be created by tapping the "+" button at the top right of the screen.

Tap any position to view or edit its details. If you have a 3D Touch enabled device, you can force press to peek at the details of each position, while a harder press will allow you to pop to that page to edit that information.


The title of the position is displayed in the top row. This title can be edited if desired.


The options associated with the position can be selected on or off in the options section.

If the position is selected while you are Pilot in Command, select the Pilot in Command option accordingly.

If the position is selected while you are Pilot Flying, select the Pilot Flying option accordingly.

The Credit Landing option is used to log a landing.

If you would like APDL to designate a landing as a night landing if appropriate, enable the Auto Log Night Landing option.

The default position will automatically be selected for all newly created flights, both manually created as well as imported with the schedule importer. To designate a position as default, tap the "Set as Default" button. The currently designated default position is displayed below this button. 

Use the "Delete Position" button to delete a position. Standard positions cannot be deleted.

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