APDL offers 4 different methods to import your schedule. All these methods are described here and listed below from most automated to least automated.

Check Schedule

APDL Toolkit

Paste and Process

Schedule Importer Portal (

Prior to using the Schedule Importer, configure all default settings in Settings as well as the Schedule Importer Settings for best results. Properly configuring these settings can reduce a lot of manual editing after importing.


The primary method of using APDL is in conjunction with the Airline Schedule Importer. If you are NOT using the Airline Schedule Importer to import your data into APDL, the process of preloading your schedule will be slightly different than described in this section.

Go to the Manual Entries section for details on preloading your schedule into APDL manually.

Reviewing Data to Import

All of the schedule importing methods use the same process to decide which parts of the analyzed data you want to import or ignore. The details in this section will be the last step when importing using Check Schedule, APDL Toolkit, or Paste and Process. After your data has been processed, you will see the resulting trips with some useful summary data and have an opportunity to review any changes that will be made prior to saving them in APDL.


Notice APDL allows you to decide which trips you want to import or skip by tapping the appropriate button shown above. You can also expand the details of each trip to compare more closely. In the example above, a small modification to the TAFB of a trip already imported, is handled by dropping the old trip and importing the newly modified trip in its place. 


 "Trip Blending" where a partially flown trip is modified and reimported on top of itself is not currently supported. You cannot import a trip on top of any portion of an existing trip where flights have already been closed out.

Check Schedule

Check Schedule is our most automated schedule importing solution. It can login to your crew website and check your schedule and import your new trips or changed/swapped trips automatically. APDL knows if it is capable of using Check Schedule with your airline because of your airline selection in Settings > Airline. If your airline is not supported, the Check Schedule menu item as well as Check Schedule settings items will be disabled. Additionally, if you try to use Check Schedule and it fails, APDL will automatically guide you to an alternate import method which will typically work if Check Schedule does not.

The first time you tap the Check Schedule menu item you will be prompted to set up your login information in Settings. 


Enter your username and password to have APDL login to your crew website and check your schedule for you.

Your login information is saved in the device's secure encrypted keychain. Your information is not sent to NC Software nor is NC Software able to retrieve it. This requires you to enter this information on all devices you wish to use the Check Schedule feature with APDL.

Tap "Test Login" and APDL will attempt to login and download your current month's schedule. If successful, Check Schedule is enabled.

If you enable the "Check Periodically" option, Check Schedule will periodically check for schedule changes once every 24 hours, and at least 1 hour prior to your show time. The spinner is displayed when Check Schedule is running. You can also tap Check Schedule in the menu to manually check for schedule changes.

If you wish to disable Check Schedule temporarily for some reason, such as a modified schedule that isn't reflected correctly on your company website, you can just disable "Check Periodically" and Check Schedule will only run when you manually tap the Check Schedule menu item.

If APDL is not open when changes are detected, you will receive an iOS notification.

Tap any of these notifications to review the changes detected as described in the Reviewing Data to Import section above.

APDL Toolkit

The APDL Toolkit is a feature built into your iOS device that APDL can use to process data from a webpage you are viewing in the Safari internet browser. APDL Toolkit must be enabled before you can use it. The first time you attempt to use the APDL Toolkit from within APDL, you will be taken to the step by step guide. If you want to review the guide manually, you can access it at any time by going to Settings > Schedule Importer > View Getting Started Guide > How to Enable APDL Toolkit.

Once you have the APDL Toolkit enabled, you can use it two different ways. The first is to navigate to your crew website in Safari on your iOS device and display your schedule. Then tap the share button in Safari and choose APDL Toolkit. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the share screen and tap "Edit Actions" to enable and/or move the APDL Toolkit higher in the list to reduce the need to scroll during future uses.

This will open APDL and take you to the processing page. From there you can choose to process the entire page for trip data or process only the highlighted text if you highlighted only a single or multiple trips but not the entire page.

The second way to use the APDL Toolkit is to tap the Import Trip row on the menu in APDL and choose the APDL Toolkit option which will open Safari for you and go to the default address for your crew website.

See the Reviewing Data to Import section above to continue after processing.

Paste and Process from Within APDL

To import your schedule using the Importer within APDL, select "Import Trip" from the menu. Tap "Paste and Process".


This will display a simplified version of the Schedule Importer Portal.

You can paste your trip data directly for processing using the paste button at the top left. Tap the process button at the top right to process the data.

Make sure you have selected the appropriate time zone and filter in Schedule Importer Settings to match your company provided schedule data!

See the Reviewing Data to Import section above to continue after processing.

Schedule Importer Portal

To import your schedule using the Online Schedule Importer Portal, go to and login. Click the Schedule Importer button and follow the instructions presented on screen to process your data.

Make sure you select the appropriate time zone to match your company provided schedule data!

Paste your trip data and click "Process Trips".

This MUST include the pairing or trip number through crew/TAFB!

Click the arrows to the left to expand each trip and view details.

Click any of the Edit links to the right to edit details for the Trip, Day, or Leg respectively. Trip, Day, and Leg Edit links each allow editing of different parameters. 

It is important to review your trips and confirm that all data is correct BEFORE importing to APDL. Making certain modifications to trip data cannot be done after importing.

After your data has been processed, reviewed, and edited if necessary, scroll down the page and you can review the changes that will be made in APDL. If these changes look correct, click the "Import Trips into APDL" button.

Alternatively, rather than clicking the "Import trips into APDL" button, you can leave this page and open APDL. Allow it to sync and tap the "trip available to import" notification, or tap the "Import Trip" menu item and choose "1 Trip from".

(No changes above and changes below)

After clicking the "Import Trips into APDL" button, simply open APDL and allow it to perform a sync and your trips will show up. (You may need to close and open the screen you are viewing in order to refresh it.)

Trips are automatically cleared from the Schedule Importer Portal when imported to APDL. You can manually clear trips by tapping the "Clear Trips from Cloud" button.

If you are using Logbook Pro Mobile and APDL at the same time and wish to import your schedule to both apps, you will need to import your schedule separately for each app. Trips are automatically cleared from the Schedule Importer Portal when imported to APDL or Logbook Pro Mobile. This means they are not available to be imported to a second device unless processed through the Schedule Importer Portal again.

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