Status Board is a one stop shop to get multiple pieces of information at a glance within APDL. Status Board is configurable with multiple widgets for you to customize the display to suit your preferences.

You can pull down to refresh the data on Status Board at any time.


Duty Phases

Status Board is broken up into three different duty phases. On Duty, Blocked Out, and Off Duty. Each one of these duty phases coincides with a different portion of your duty. To avoid information overload, each duty phase can be configured individually to display only the information most relevant to that phase of duty. The Status Board is context aware and automatically sequences between different duty phases based on your schedule.


You can manually select a different duty phase by tapping the corresponding button at the top of the screen. The buttons will be colored white when the duty phase displayed is the current duty phase as determined by APDL. Manually selecting a different duty phase will cause the buttons to be colored yellow to indicate you are viewing a different duty phase than your current state.

Customizing Status Board

There are multiple widgets available to customize the Status Board to suit your preferences. Each duty phase has its own separate display of widgets. Each widget can be enabled or disabled and repositioned on the screen for each duty phase.

To customize the status board display, select the duty phase you would like to customize. Tap the edit button at the top right of the screen. While in edit mode, all available widgets are displayed. Currently enabled widgets for that duty phase are displayed at the top of the screen with a red minus icon to the left. To add a widget to the currently selected duty phase, tap the green plus icon next to that widget. That widget will then be added to the bottom of the currently enabled widgets and the green plus icon will change to a red minus icon.

To remove a widget that is currently enabled, tap the red minus icon to the left followed by the delete button that will appear to the right. The widget will be removed from the currently enabled widgets list and go to the bottom of the available widgets list.

After you have selected all the widgets you would like to display, the enabled widgets can be repositioned in any order you wish. To reposition a widget, tap and drag the three lines icon to the right of the screen. Release to drop the widget in the desired location.

You may repeat this process to configure widgets for a different duty phase. Tap the segmented duty phase button at the top of the screen to select the other duty phases.

Tap the done button at the top right of the screen when you are finished customizing to return to the Status Board.


Several widgets can be tapped to interact. This can change the information displayed on the widget such as cycling between local time and UTC or open a new page for editing a flight or viewing Legality Status. You can also pull down to refresh the Status Board at any time.

Big Clock

The big clock widget displays the current time in UTC and your domicile time zone.

Tapping the clock widget will switch between UTC time and your domicile time.


Active Flight

The active flight widget displays your current or next flight. If you are blocked out it will display your current flight. If you are between flights it will display your next flight. The details displayed on this widget vary depending on your current status. The payroll category for the flight is displayed on the second row. Prior to departure, it displays a countdown timer until scheduled departure time. If the current time is after the scheduled departure time, it will display the current time of the delay in yellow. If you have blocked out it will display your current block time.

Tapping the active flight widget will open the Leg View for the active flight for you to enter details.

Latest Block Out

The latest block out widget displays the latest time you could block out on your last scheduled flight without exceeding the maximum FDP.

Tapping the latest block out widget will switch the display between local and UTC.

117 Legality Status

The legality status widget displays a Legality Lozenge to indicate your current legality status as well as current and remaining block and FDP values.

Tapping on the legality status widget will switch the display between current and remaining values.

FAA Delays

The FAA Delays widget will display any known delays at the departure or destination of your current or next flight. If you have no future flights entered into APDL, FAA delays at your domicile airport will be displayed.

Tapping on the FAA Delays widget will open a new window with FAA delay details.


The rest widgets show quick information about your rest prior to and after your duty period. Tap each one to go directly to the Legality page for the respective day which shows the appropriate rest graphs.


The hotel widget shows your current hotel if you are off duty and your upcoming hotel if you are on duty. The hotel departure time widget displays your van time as well as a countdown timer to the van time. Tap either of these hotel widgets to go directly to the hotel page where you can call the hotel directly or adjust the hotel departure time.

Next Report

Similar to the Hotel Departure widget, the Next Report widget shows your next report time as well as a countdown timer to the report time.


Sunrise and sunset times of the departure and destination airports. Tap the widget to cycle between Zulu and Local times.


Gate information for departure and destination airports.

Trip Route Map

The Trip Route Map widget will display the same route map that is available at the bottom of the trip view. Tapping the map will take you to the full screen Weather Map view.

Plus More...

We aren't done adding more useful widgets... We invite ideas for the Status Board that may be added over time. Any suggestions for widgets may be submitted at apdl.uservoice.com

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