If upgrading from version 7 be sure to read the 8.0 release notes as well which include a YouTube video on what's new.

New Features:

- Check Schedule on the menu will update APDL once a day and/or within a hour of your duty on.
- When APDL detects a schedule change you will be notified and prompted to accept the update schedule.
- Check Schedule feature supports FLICA users that have Mobile Access enabled. You can check this from your FLICA website under the Accounts page. Some participating airlines include Mobile Access with FLICA's Access Anywhere service.

Maintenance Items:

- App exits when a flight crossing international date line viewed on the Weather Map
- Fixed various issues with Hints and Trip view on iPhone 7 Plus
- Fixed issue with Aircraft editor exiting when creating a new Aircraft
- Fixed issue with Aircraft editor and Previous Time being left blank
- Fixed issue causing navigation bar to disappear when deleting a trip
- Fixed save issue in Settings>Resume>Certificates view
- Fix Logbook view exiting on iPad Pro
- Fix payroll and summary to show correct YTD values when date period is not in current year
- Payroll credit graph limits revised
- Improvements to iOS notifications - be sure remote notifications are enabled in Settings > APDL on your devices
- Always keep Hotel Departure (shuttle/van departure) widget visible to remind you to set the hotel departure time
- Improve tapability of time entry clear/reset buttons

Other Changes:

- Added airports CYFI and OMDW to airport database
- Updated Concord Regional Airport (KJQF) to add IATA of USA
- Corrected rounding error in Per Diem calculation
- Disable auto-advance in OOOI times input fields
- Status Board Pull-To-Refresh Disabled in Edit mode

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