Trip View is the primary view for displaying and navigating your schedule during a trip. The Trip View contains a lot of information in one place. Some elements of the Trip View will vary automatically depending on the trip being displayed. All times displayed are in the time zone listed at the top of the screen for the associated airport unless otherwise noted. This time zone can be changed in Settings > General. A map of your trip is displayed at the bottom of the Trip View.


To navigate the Trip View, scroll up and down to view all days of the trip and the map at the bottom. The navigation bar at the top of the screen displays the trip number and date.

You can tap the arrows on either side of the navigation bar to sequence forward and backward through days of the trip. If you are at the last day of the trip and tap the right arrow, it will sequence to the first day of the next trip. The same logic applies on the first day of the trip when tapping the left arrow, it will sequence to the last day of the previous trip.

Alternatively, you can tap the calendar icon at the top right of the screen to jump directly to a specific date.


Your trip is broken into sections by duty period. Each duty period of your trip starts with a header section. The header section consists of rows of summary data.

The first row of the header section starts with the day of the trip and the amount of rest prior to beginning the duty period.

The next row displays the date, duty start and end times, and duration of duty on the right side. Times are displayed according to the airport where you begin and end your duty accordingly.

The last row displays Flight Duty Period (FDP) start and end times, and FDP duration on the right side.

A common issue we see is the date of a duty off or duty on time being accidentally set incorrectly forward or back by one day. This causes a duty period of greater than 24 hours and results in legality issues being flagged by the app. To help you identify when this has occurred, the duty duration will be colored yellow when APDL detects a duty period greater than 24 hours.

If the duty period contains a Reserve Availability Period (RAP), the RAP start and end times as well as duration will also be displayed here.

At the upper right of the header section is the Legality Lozenge. This indicates your legality status for that specific duty period. Tap the Lozenge to go to the Legality Status Page for more details on your legality for that duty period.

The Report icon to the left of the legality lozenge allows direct access to the Legality Report from the Trip View. Two options are available when tapping this icon; the full legality report and a shortened trip sheet that only displays page 1 of the legality report.

Tap any row of the header to edit duty period details such as duty on and off times, RAP begin and end times, or trip number.

If you have made manual adjustments to your duty on and off times and would like to adjust them back to the default values set in Settings > Airline, tap the "Adjust Duty Times" button.

You can delete the selected duty period or the entire trip by tapping the associated button on the Edit Duty Period screen.

If you have accidentally entered an incorrect date for the duty on or duty off times, offsetting the date forward or back from what it should be, and have created a duty period greater than 24 hours as mentioned above, the duty period duration will be colored yellow here also.


Each flight is listed below the header.

The flight row displays the day of the week, flight number, aircraft, departure and destination airports, position, payroll category, and gate information. Scheduled times are displayed until actual times are entered. Where actual times are entered, actual times are displayed.

An open flight entry with dark gray text indicates missing data.

Light gray text indicates scheduled values.

As portions of the flight are entered, those parts will turn white. This allows you to easily identify at a glance which values are scheduled, which values have been entered, and which values are missing.

Once all required data has been entered and the flight is closed out, the entire flight will be colored gray or the flight number will be crossed out depending on your selection in Settings > General.


An aircraft icon next to the gate information indicates a change in gate from the previous flight. This indication is intended to alert you that there may be an aircraft change. This could also be indicated with a slide up notification.

As of version 8.0, APDL is also capable of displaying overblock and underblock values, OOOI early and late values, as well as ground time between individual flights on the Trip View. These can all be toggled on or off in Settings > General.

The Out/In Deltas show differences between scheduled and actual Out and In times. These values are displayed in green if early or red if late.

The Block Deltas show differences between scheduled block times and actual block times. This is displayed as green for overblock and red for underblock.

The Ground time shows the time on the ground between legs. These values are updated from scheduled ground times to actual or projected ground times as appropriate.

Tap any flight to go to the Leg View.

Projected Mode

If APDL goes into Projected Mode as a result of a delay, any projected values will be displayed in orange. Once the actual values are entered, those values will turn white as described above. 


Go to the Legality Report page for more details on Projected Mode and how it works.

Unlike the Legality Report, modifications made on the What If page are not displayed on the Trip View.


Below the list of flights for a duty period is the footer. The footer displays the total credit and block for the duty period. These calculations are based on a combination of scheduled and actual times depending on what is available. Payroll considerations are also reflected in the footer. Any pay rigs or minimum credit configured in Settings > Payroll Settings will be included. Additionally, after actual times have been entered, you will see small numbers alongside the credit and block totals. These color coded numbers indicate overblock or underblock and any associated increase in credit as of the last leg containing actual times.


Tapping the footer will take you to the Edit Duty Period page just as if tapping the header.

At the bottom of the Trip View is a totals row which displays total credit and block for the entire trip as a whole. TAFB and day and night landings are displayed as well.


Below the footer is a hotel information row. The hotel row displays the name of the overnight hotel if available. Tapping this row will open a hotel information page with the hotel name, phone number, transportation information, and notes.

You can quickly and easily call the hotel directly from the hotel information page by tapping the "Call Hotel" button. If there are additional phone numbers available in the notes section such as an alternate transportation method, you can tap those to call as well.

The hotel departure time can be entered in the "departure time" row. If you enter a time here, APDL can display this time to you on the Hotel Departure Status Board widget which includes a countdown timer to hotel departure time. APDL will also trigger an iOS notification on your device prior to your hotel departure time as a reminder. You can configure the amount of time prior to the hotel departure in minutes on the "Alert Prior" row. This reminder can be accompanied by an alert sound if enabled with the switch here.

If you have not yet entered a hotel departure time, a reminder is displayed 30 minutes after duty off, if the last duty period contains a hotel. This reminder can be tapped from APDL or iOS Notification Center and APDL will open the Hotel page to allow you to enter a van time. For 3D Touch Devices, a force press will bring up an interactive menu that contains a suggested van time, set van time, or clear buttons. For Non-Touch devices you can swipe right and tap "View" to see the interactive notification.

Reminders can be enabled or disabled from the Settings > Notifications > Reminders page.

To quickly clear all data about a hotel from this page, tap the Delete Hotel button at the bottom.

Commute Info

If you are a commuter, you can enable and configure the commute feature under Settings > Airline to display commute info at the top and bottom of the Trip View. APDL will use your preferences to retrieve the appropriate flights available for you to commute to and from work on the ends of your trip. The commute info row displays the route of flight, flight number and date on the top line, with the flight times, and "turn time" you have available to get to or from that flight before or after your trip on the bottom line.

To get more details on your commute, tap on either commute row to display the Commute Info page. According to your preferences for time buffer and number of flights to retrieve in Settings > Airline, the flights chosen by APDL will be displayed with gate and delay status. Flights are retrieved a few days prior to your trip while gate and delay status are updated on a regular interval starting 24 hours prior to your commute flights. You can also swipe down to refresh this page manually.

The first flight on this list will be the one displayed on the Trip View. If you do not wish to use that flight for your commute, you can swipe to delete which will change which flight is displayed on the Trip View.

If you would like to see more available flights than are displayed by default, you can tap the top row on the Commute Info page labeled with the flight route and flight date. This will open the Flight Search page. This will allow you to tweak the search parameters from the defaults configured in Settings > Airline. You can change the departure or destination airport if you desire to commute to or from a different airport than usual. Time to search can be adjusted, as well as filtering out only a certain airline if you don't want to view all available airline options.

The results of your search are displayed below. The flights marked with a checkmark will be displayed on the Commute Info page. You can tap to add or remove checkmarks as you desire.

You can quickly access the Commute Info page for your next commute directly from the Commute Info Menu item as well.


The bottom of the Trip View displays a map of the flights that make up your trip for a quick glance. The current or upcoming leg is displayed in red. The map can be panned and zoomed on the larger screens of iPad and iPhone "+" size devices. As for the smaller non "+" size devices, tap on the map to open a separate dedicated map view. METAR data and airport alert information can be viewed by tapping the colored circles. Full details on these features can be found in the Weather Map section.

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