We are excited to bring you a major update to APDL - Airline Pilot Logbook version 12.0. Please review the change log below:


Feature: Expanded Summary selections: Current Month, Next Month, Last 90 Days, Year To Date, Last Year, and Total Time

Feature: "Details to include estimated Net Pay, Retirement Contributions, Taxes, and Deductions.

Feature: "Payroll > Pay Calculator allows you to evaluate changes in compensation based on pay rates, credit, deductions, and contributions.

Feature: "What If" "What If > Pay Calculator allows you to calculate trip pay, estimate adjustments to income, or run multi-year payroll scenarios."

Issues Fixed

- Incorrect 'not acclimated' for some domestic rest situations resolved.

- Create New Duty Period on Calendar/Roster resulting in a crash.

- iOS17 Summary View issues.

- FAR1.1 Flight Time (Active Leg) Represented in Cumulative Limits fixed.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

- Summary: New Feature, expanded summary selections; Current Month, Next Month, Last 90 Days, Year To Date, Last Year, and Total Time available.

- Legality: New WOCL icon displayed on Trip View when FDP infringes on the window of circadian low.

- Legality: 117 Augmented is automatically selected if schedule FDP exceeds unaugmented limits when no additional crew member is selected. Note: We recommend '117 Unaugmented' as the default for Settings > Regulation Type and using the Automatic regulation type for all Legs for the best user experience.

- Legality: 'Unacclimated' shown on the FDP data row in Trip View when applicable. Tapping the FDP data row will display the Legality Detail view. Legality Detail view has expanded theater and acclimation information.

- Legality: Improved logic to handle theater changes close to the meridians. Validated legality with the latest FAA clarifications. The green 'Legal' status message now displays the related regulation abbreviation.

- Legality: FDP Extension lookback and Extension Used UI updated for clarity.

- Legality: Incorrect FDP Extension Available during augmented operations.

- Commute: missing Home base airport issue.

- Reserve Categories: Issue with editing and viewing.

- Photos saved under Settings > Aircraft Types can viewed in Search with the following key words: Image, PNG, JPG, PDF or Document.

- Menu access to Flightinfo.com Community from the Main Menu to share information related to airline pilot operations. Share the passion of aviation together.

- Check Schedule improvements for airline issued iPad devices

- Deadhead flagged as Augmented duty.

- Commute From "No Flight Found" fixed.

- Improvements to Commute Information to include all trips within the next 30 days. To Reset Commute Information, Toggle Commute from Settings > Airline > Commute to OFF, Clear Commute Info, and then back to ON.

Changes to bring to your attention:

Change 1: Green 'Legal' Status Lozenge now reflects the regulation subpart used (117 UNAUG, 117AUG, 117 SPLIT, etc.). The label tracks how we show Part 91. It will also improve the transparency of how 'Automatic" is working.

Change 2: When APDL displays theater, acclimated, and last acclimated local on the Legality Detail View and the Legality Report. Tapping on the Trip View FDP row will open this view.

Change 3: WOCL Icon - When an FDP period intersects the window of circadian low, we now show a ( WOCL ) icon preceding the FDP window. If there is a legality issue with the WOCL or WOCL rest, it changes to red. 117.27 Consecutive night time operations information is directly viewable on the Trip view versus diving into Legality Detail. This improvement should help reduce support questions about WOCL.

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