This version introduces a new Commute Tool which contains two new features:

  1. Commute Info: automatically searches for commute options for commuting pilots.
  2. Flight Search: allows a pilot to search for any flights between airports.

Watch Andy describe the new Commute Tools in this YouTube video.

Revisions in this release:

  • [AI-4065] - Improve scrolling and snap back position in Trip view
  • [AI-4418] - Airline data update for Charter Air Transport
  • [AI-4230] - Flag duty duration when it’s greater than 24 hours
  • [AI-4388] - Center Big Clock widget in Status Board view
  • [AI-4393] - Add missing airport - OJMS/OJ40
  • [AI-4386] - Search for Aircraft in Search view
  • [AI-4303] - iPhone X layout enhancements
  • [AI-4438] - Large number of airport delays slows down Weather Map
  • [AI-4426] - Scrolling Hotel editor causes some fields to reset
  • [AI-4408] - Airport Standby crashes app
  • [AI-4408] - Crash when switching fields quickly in What-If view
  • [AI-4441] - Fix vacation entry related issue
  • [AI-4443] - Unable to change report period in Summary view
  • [AI-4499] - Consecutive nighttime operations calculation overly restrictive
  • [AI-4489] - Legs not being added to Summary view
  • [AI-4394] - No van reminder when previous duty period canceled
  • [AI-3155] - Resuming with slide over makes current duty start scrolled to first day of trip
  • [AI-4331] - Schedule view Today button off by one row
  • [AI-4344] - Today button jumps to wrong date if scrolling when tapped in Schedule view
  • [AI-4310] - Improve rest calculations when flight cancelled prior to duty
  • [AI-4409] - Hotel widget shows in Status Board even if all legs are Sick
  • [AI-4330] - Disable scroll to top in Calendar and Schedule views
  • Various other bug fixes and enhancements
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