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This major update of "APDL - Airline Pilot Logbook" contains significant improvements for pilots on reserve and pilots that don’t routinely use Check Schedules or Schedule Import.


- Various UI formatting improvements for iOS 13.
- Predefined Reserve Availability Periods.
- Create custom RAP periods to match your Airline’s specific report times.
- Single tap from the Schedule or Calendar views to Log a flight.
- Tap on a RAP period to change times are add a flight.
- Long-press shortcut actions Import Trip, Copy/Paste, and View Trip Sheet, Open in Map, and Copy Route improve app navigation.
- Long-press on Calendar and Schedule days to display shortcut menu.
- Long-press shortcut menu items also added to flight widgets in Status Board, and flight rows in Trip View.
- Estimated Takeoff Time and Estimated Taxi Out time inputs added to Latest Available Takeoff Time Calculator for more precise schedule estimates.

Bug Fixes:

- References to Reserve (SCR) changed to Short Call Reserve (SCR).
- LATT calculation improved when a RAP period is defined.
- §117.21.b.3-4 RAP and FDP added to Projected Mode.
- Only show missing Aircraft if there are other missing items in crosscheck leg.
- Planned Route on all maps show actual filed flight plan, points no longer smoothed.
- Fix issue where Aircraft couldn’t be created from Aircraft picker when opened from Leg editor
- Fix crash when prompted to set Airline if not set

We hope you're enjoying APDL - The Airline Pilot Logbook for Apple's iOS platform and welcome your suggestions either in public or private from the appropriate options in the app's Communication area. We also welcome your positive app reviews in the Apple app store to show your appreciation to our hard working developer team working hard to ensure you have a great app and user experience to aid the challenges faced as an airline pilot. Thank you for choosing APDL and being a part of the NC Software team.

Click here to download now.

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