Figure 1.  Schedule Importer

Logbook Pro 1.11.0 and later offer a schedule importer synchronization system allowing you to import schedules saved in your "My Schedule Importer" portal at  To access the system to import schedules directly into Logbook Pro click File...Import Schedule.  The schedule importer works with any edition of Logbook Pro, including evaluation which will be restricted by the 50-entry evaluation limit.  A subscription is required to import schedules at which can be purchased for low monthly or annual rates at

Defaults (Required):

If your trip data does not contain information about the aircraft type or aircraft ident specify the information to use in the drop down boxes.  If the aircraft type is not listed close the dialog and go to Options...Aircraft to add the types you fly.  If the ident is not listed from a prior entry you can type the ident in, or enter a temporary value such as a hyphen or "N/A" as this is a required field.  


When importing schedule data the information can be left in leg mode where each from/to pair is a single line entry in Logbook Pro or collate them by flight date and all legs on the same flight date will be combined to a single line entry.  When flights are imported AutoFill can be used to auto-populate fields as configured for the aircraft type within the Options...AutoFill area.  Clear the "Use AutoFill" checkbox if you do not want AutoFill to be used.  If you do not want a Duration entered then check the option "Don't enter Duration" which will also clear the auto-purge option on the bottom of Flight Log Options which will prevent Logbook Pro from removing incomplete flight entries as the duration missing would trigger the purge.  If the scheduled flight is a future flight and you do not want the Duration entered until actually flown then this option will help you achieve this.

Field Map:

Trip data contains additional fields which you can map to columns within Logbook Pro.  Specify how each of these columns of information should be handled when importing it into Logbook Pro.  You can create custom text columns in the Options...Custom (TEXT) area and then they will be available as targets to map the data to.  Click the drop down and choose the bottom option to add custom text columns directly from this dialog if needed.  You can also choose to have information appended in the remarks column if you do not wish to use custom text fields individually.

Processing Trips:

On the bottom left of the dialog you will see how many trips are stored in your cloud storage.  Click "Get My Trips" to download the data to review prior to finalizing the import.  Review the trip data in the grid at the bottom and if necessary change the parameters and click Get My Trips again.  When ready to finalize the import process click "Import" and the data will be moved into your logbook and removed from cloud storage.

Note: Out, Takeoff, Landing, and In times will be recorded in UTC so you may see the dates in these columns different than the flight date if the UTC date is the next day.

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