Figure 1. Analyzer Sub Toolbar

Left to right description of the Analyzer Toolbar:

Options: Click to view a drop down menu of available configuration options

Date Filter: Displays Date Dialog for selecting a new date range for date filtering

Print: Print the analyzer data (can be printed after clicking the print preview as well)

Print Preview: Preview the analyzer printable output

Open: Restore a layout from file

Save: Save the analyzer layout

Export: Click to view available export options

Refresh: Refreshes data displayed

Collapse: Collapse detail levels (as if clicking minus symbol on each aircraft type)

Expand: Expands all detail (as if clicking plus sign to left of aircraft types)

Totals Format: Displays summary information normally (numeric)

Percentages: Displays summary data as a percentage of the total

Adjusted Totals Configuration: Displays the Military Conversion Adjusted Total preset system

Master Filter: Click to select a master filter...a field where all data in this field is greater than zero (i.e. has an entry associated)

Preset: When Adjusted Totals Configuration button is depressed, allows selection of different saved conversion presets

Preset Configurator: Click to view the preset configuration system

Help: Displays help for the Analyzer area

Close: Closes the Analyzer Window

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