Cloud Sync is the system for Logbook Pro Mobile apps for iOS and Android to exchange information securely with Logbook Pro Desktop via NC Software's private cloud. Sync can be commanded from various areas of Logbook Pro Desktop but the easiest way is from the Cloud Sync button on the toolbar. Clicking Cloud Sync > Sync Now will send Logbook Pro Desktop configuration and reports data to the cloud for mobile apps to use and receive any data entered on mobile apps to be added to your logbook. 

Figure 1. PDA > Cloud Sync menu

Figure 2. Cloud Sync Settings

From the PDA menu as shown above in Figure 1 there are various options available within the Cloud Sync sub-menu. You can open a browser window and navigate to the Cloud Sync Portal by clicking Cloud Sync Portal... which will show any data pending from mobile apps as well as the last date in UTC that your Desktop app synced to the cloud. The Settings.... menu option will bring up the dialogs shown in Figure 2 above allowing you to sign in or out of your NC Software account which should be the account your subscription "Logbook Pro Mobile" is subscribed under. You can test your connection to the cloud by clicking the Test Button. If you'll be away from your Desktop app for a period of time you can configure Logbook Pro to sync on a set schedule which will import data from the cloud, regenerate reports and sync them back to the cloud to update your mobile app. Logbook Pro Desktop must remain open and running in order to allow scheduled sync to function, minimize the app if desired to keep it running.

Automatic Synchronization as shown in Figure 1 above will allow Logbook Pro to sync when opened and closed

Enable Scheduled Sync on the menu is another way to enable or disable schedule sync you may have configured.

For more information regarding syncing mobile apps click here to refer to the Sync section of the Logbook Pro Mobile documentation.

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