Logbook Pro ships with very powerful export features allowing many options for handling your data. Data can be exported into Microsoft Excel for advanced pivot-table analysis or custom graphing, exported to web pages for publishing to a web server, i.e. a corporate logbook portal, or to text delimited files, etc. The export options can be found under the export icon on the toolbar, or from the File...Export menu choice. Available exports depend on the working area within Logbook Pro; however, below is a list of the common export options per working area:

Data Entry Screens:

Microsoft Excel (.XLS)
Comma Separated Values (.CSV)
TAB Delimited Text (.TXT)


Rich Text Format (.RTF)
Portable Document Format (.PDF)
Microsoft Excel (.XLS)
TAB Delimited Text (.TXT)
Logbook Pro Report Definition Format (.RDF)
Multi-Page TIFF Image (.TIF)


JPEG Bitmap (.JPEG)
Portable Network Graphic (.PNG)
Web Page HTML (.HTM)

For exporting to HTML (from Data Entry areas) that contain a large number of rows, i.e. logbook data, Logbook Pro will offer to break up the data into multiple HTML pages. This is recommended to reduce file size and low bandwidth viewing of data exported to large web files.

EXPORT is available in registered versions only

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