Figure 1. Graph Sub-Toolbar

Left to right description of Graph Sub-Toolbar:

Top row:

Print: Prints graph

Copy: Copies graph to Windows Clipboard, may be pasted into any other program accepting a graphic from the Clipboard

Export: Click to view available export options

Reset: Resets graph to default settings

Refresh: Requires database for updated information

Date Filter: Displays date dialog for date range modifications, updates display with new data available

Legend: Toggles the display of the legend on right side of chart

Border: Displays border around chart area

Grid Lines: Displays grid lines in chart area background

Values: Displays values at the top of the bar chart, percentages if pie chart displayed

Effect: Click to customize the 3D effect of the plot area

Chart Type: Select Bar or Pie chart

Orientation: If Bar chart displayed, select Vertical (default) or Horizontal layout

Formatting Toolbar: Toggles visibility of formatting toolbar

Tips: Click to view instructions for interactive control of the graph

Close: Close Graph

Formatting Toolbar (bottom row of Figure 1):

Graph Back: Click to choose a background color for the graph background

Plot Area Back: Click to choose the background color for the plot area

Text: Click to choose the Text color

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