Figure 1. Report Sub-Toolbar

Left to right description of the Report Sub-Toolbar:

TOC: View the Table of Contents of the report data

Rulers: View rulers on top and left of preview window

Save: Saves current report as a static snapshot of the report for later viewing (disconnected from data, it is a static report)

Open: Opens a previously saved report

Print: Sends the report to the printer

Page Setup: Displays page setup dialog

Export: Click to view a drop down of export options

Copy: Copy current page to Windows Clipboard

Find: Search report for text patterns

Single Page Preview: Normal one page preview

Two Page Preview: Preview report pages two side by side

Two by Two Page Preview: Preview report pages two pages wide by two pages tall

Settings: Click to view a drop down of configurable options for the current report

Format: Configure the paper color (display only)

Date Filter: Display the date dialog to set a new range and query for another report run (visible on some reports)

Refresh: Updates the report querying database for updated information

Zoom In: Increases zoom percentage

Zoom Out: Decreases zoom percentage

Zoom Percentage: Drop down to select a different zoom percentage, or whole page, page height, to fit options

First Page: Move to first page in report

Previous Page: Move to previous page

Page Navigator: Displays current page number of total pages, drop down to move to a specific page number

Next Page: Move to next page

Last Page: Move to last page of report

Close: Close report

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