Figure 1. Status Bar

The Status Bar is user selectable to appear at the bottom of the screen. The Status Bar can be hidden from the selection in the View menu. The Status Bar provides the user valuable information related to the active area within Logbook Pro as well as the column that contains the mouse cursor. As shown in Figure 1 above, the far left section of the Status Bar contains useful text information. As columns are changed such as in the Spreadsheet Style logbook area, or fields selected in the Windows Style logbook area, this left section will change to provide useful hints and keyboard shortcuts pertaining to the exact column containing the mouse cursor.

The next panel of the Status Bar is the Currency button (only visible if Currencies are enabled in the Options...Currency area). Click the Currency button to display a popup menu containing the currency groups and then within each group the individual currencies, color coded for expiration data and also contains the expiration dates.

The Lookback button, when clicked, will provide a history of Flights and Hours from the users data. Granular detail down to each month from the current to the previous six months, by month, then additional detail such as last seven days, this year, and last year. A lookback report can also be previewed by clicking the option within the popup menu.

The next series of panels are self-explanatory by the text within, as used in any standard Windows program such as Microsoft Word. The CAPS will be activated when the CAPS LOCK is enabled on the keyboard, and the same with the NUM LOCK and INSERT keys. The Date and Time are shown for reference when making logbook entries.

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