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This is a MAJOR release to Logbook Pro on Android OS devices.

  • Google Material Design implementation to bring the app to the latest user interface expectations
  • New toolbar system with overflow button for devices that no longer have a menu button
  • Floating red + button to easily add new entries
  • Auto Night in flight log entries and Schedule Importing
  • New Schedule Importer architecture using same system from APDL for more accurate and advanced trip preview, management, and importing
  • New automatic sync feature will sync the app every 5 minutes while in use, one hour when not in use so the app always resumes with the latest from the cloud (Settings > Synchronization to configure)
  • New Skyview system using Google's updated map system
  • Improved data synchronization
  • Redesigned timezone handling and fixed sync timezone issues
  • Various other minor improvements and optimizations

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