Alerts are displayed within APDL while the app is open. Use caution not to confuse APDL Alerts with iOS Notifications. Both APDL Alerts and iOS Notifications can be configured in Settings > Notifications.

If you are using the app while an alert is detected, you will see the alert slide up from the bottom of the screen. Alerts will remain on screen until dismissed. To dismiss an alert simply tap on it the X at the right side. Alternatively, you can swipe left or right to dismiss. Tapping the alert itself will take you to the alert rather than dismissing the alert.

APDL also has an Alerts Page. Access the Alerts Page by tapping it on the menu. The menu item for the Alerts Page displays the number and color of all current alerts. See below for more details on alert colors.

The Alerts Page has two sections. Current alerts are displayed at the top of the page. Future alerts are displayed below with a timestamp indicating when the alert will be sent.

Swipe left to hide notifications. Future and hidden notifications can be recalled using the recall button at the top right.

Some low priority advisory messages are hidden by default and will only be displayed on the Alerts Page when the recall button is tapped. Additionally, these alerts will not slide up from the bottom of the screen. A green legality advisory or sync alert are a examples that may only displayed on the Alerts Page, when recalled. 

The recall button is grayed out if there are no hidden alerts.

Alerts are color coded according to importance. Slide up alerts and the Alerts Page follow the same color coding.

Green indicates you are legal for the current or next duty period.

Red indicates a warning alert.

Yellow indicates a caution alert.

Gray indicates an advisory message.

If multiple alerts exist at the same time, the most critical alert will take precedence.

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