The Schedule View displays your schedule vertically with each day represented as a horizontal row. Limited schedule information is displayed in each row. On days off, the rows are blank. On working days, basic trip information is displayed in each row. The trip number, overnight city code, report, and release time are displayed on every day of the trip. These times are displayed in the time zone indicated at the top of the screen in gray.

Tapping on any row will take you to the Trip View for that day if there is duty. If there is no duty on that day, it will allow you to create a duty period. A long press on a row with duty will allow you to add a leg to that duty, or copy that duty to paste somewhere else. A long press on a row with no duty will allow you to add a duty period, add a leg with an automatically created duty period, add a reserve availability period (RAP), import a trip, or paste a trip that has previously been copied.

Weather Forecast

The Schedule View also displays a brief weather forecast to indicate the weather conditions for each overnight. This can help you get a quick glimpse of what the weather will be like during your trip so you can better pack your bags to prepare for any activities you may wish to do during the overnights. These weather forecasts display weather conditions for the city of your overnight, tailored to the time you are scheduled to be there, between release to the overnight and report for the following duty period. On your days off, it displays weather conditions at your domicile. If you have the commute feature enabled in Settings > Airline, weather conditions at your home airport will be displayed. The weather forecast is compatible with US airports for the next 8 days and is updated every 24 hours. The same information is also displayed on the Calendar View.


You can navigate the schedule view by scrolling up and down on the rows. To jump to the current day you can tap the calendar icon with the current day displayed at the top right.


Legality problems can also be displayed on the Schedule View. Your duty periods are color coded to indicate your legality status for that duty period.

Green indicates you are legal for the current or next duty period.

Red indicates there is an issue with the current or next duty period.

Yellow indicates an issue with a future duty period.

Go to the Trip View or Legality Status pages for details on the specific issues indicated by the color coding.

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