Figure 1. Certificates Sub-Toolbar

Left to right description of the buttons available on the Certificates Sub-Toolbar:

Options: Click to display a drop down menu of configuration options

Print: Click to display a drop down menu of print options

Export: Click to display a drop down list of export options

Delete: If enabled (record selected), will delete the selected record(s)

Refresh: Updates the display and refreshes the default sort order

Enhanced Data Navigator: Toggles the Enhanced Data Navigator (show/hide)

Help: Displays the help associated to the Certificates working area

Lock: Version 1.10.54 adds a new lock button just to the left of the close button.  Click this button (down) to lock the data area and prevent from inadvertent edits. Click again to unlock should you need to make any additions or edits.

Close: Closes the Certificates Window

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