To learn more about the currency editor and configuring currencies, read the Currency Editor section completely. This topic provides a quick overview of the currency editor for advanced users familiar with advanced software interfaces such as that used in the currency system.

The currency editor is made up of three main areas represented by columns in the currency editor. The far right column contains two sections, one for creating your own custom currency items and the second contains the History events as configured in the Options...History area. The middle section contains the assignment groups, "All to Pass" and "Any to Pass" for defining a currency. The far left column is the explorer style hierarchical view of currencies, grouped by custom group names, if desired.

The first step is to define any custom currency items necessary to define a currency, such as "3 Landings in 90 Days." The next step is to create a currency, clicking the appropriate button above the currency section (far left column). When the currency is selected, the two assignment groups will become activated and ready to store custom currency item assignments or history event assignments. All items that exist in the "All to Pass" group will be checked for expiration data and ALL must pass in this group, just as the title implies, for the currency to pass. The "Any to Pass" group contains items where if any one item passes, the entire group, and subsequently the entire currency passes. If either the "All to Pass" validates as a pass, or the "Any to Pass" validates as a pass, the currency itself will register as a pass.

Experimentation with the currency editor is encouraged. Currency status can be viewed by clicking the preview icon on the top right of the currency editor, using the Logbook Pro Explorer, or the Currency button on the bottom of the screen. Currencies will show an expiration, a color coding, and when Logbook Pro starts, a reminder if the expiration will occur within the reminder period as specified in the Currency Options section.

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