The reports section of the Home Screen provides access to five report areas:

  1. Currencies
  2. Lookback (Flights, Hours, FAR 1211, FAR 1351)
  3. Logbook Stats
  4. Summary Bar
  5. Aircraft Stats

Note 1:  Requires Logbook Pro Professional or Enterprise Edition on the PC to generate these reports for your device

Reports are generated by Logbook Pro Desktop and refreshed with each synchronization.  Reports are not tied to the device data so as you enter new data reports will not reflect those changes until the PC regenerates reports using your newly added data.  To update reports sync your device then sync Logbook Pro Desktop.  Sync will retrieve your device data and upload refreshed reports to the Cloud Sync portal.  You can then sync the device again and retrieve he updated reports.  Beneath report sections the "As of" date will show the date and time (UTC) that this report was generated.  A "Time now" will also be shown to indicate the current Date and Time in UTC for your reference.

Currency Report as configured in Logbook Pro Desktop's Currency Editor

Lookback Reports: Hours, Flights, FAR 121, and FAR 135 (the last two require Logbook Pro Desktop Professional or Enterprise Edition)

Log Stats Report - Summary of your entire logbook

Summary Bar Report based off of your Summary Bar configuration in Logbook Pro Desktop (Options/Flight Log)

Aircraft Stats Report (summary for every Aircraft Type you've flown)

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