Figure 1. Spreadsheet Style Log Sub-Toolbar

Left to right description of the toolbar shown in Figure 1 above:

Options: Click to view a drop down menu of configurable settings

Print: Click to view a drop down of print options

Export: Click to view a drop down of export options

Date Input: Click to view a drop down of automatic date entry options

New: Click to create a new flight log entry

Cancel: Cancels any changes (skips save operation, restores previous data)

Refresh: Refreshes displayed data and resets sorting to default (date ascending)

Sort: Forces a sort to the default (date ascending)

Cut: Windows Cut to Clipboard

Copy: Windows Copy to Clipboard

Paste:  Windows Paste from Clipboard

Delete: Deletes currently selected flight record(s)

Freeze Columns: Displays divider line, all columns to the left of the divider will be frozen, only those to the right will scroll left/right

Summary Bar: Toggles visibility of the Summary Bar

Enhanced Data Navigator: Toggles the Enhanced Data Navigator (show/hide)

Filter Toolbar: Displays/Hides the Filter Toolbar (Figure 2 below)

Find Dialog: Displays find information for quick record finding

Error Analysis: Click to perform an analysis of the logbook data for common errors

Help: Displays help for logbook area

Lock: Version 1.10.54 adds a new lock button just to the left of the close button.  Click this button (down) to lock the data area and prevent from inadvertent edits. Click again to unlock should you need to make any additions or edits.

Close: Closes logbook window

Figure 2. Spreadsheet Style Log Filter

Date Selector: Click to select a range of dates to filter the logbook data or Custom to select a range of dates

Aircraft: Choose the Aircraft Types to display data

Option Selector: Choose whether to display All Data (Flights and Sim), or just Flights, or Simulator entries, respectively

Figure 3. Windows Style Log Sub-Toolbar

Options: Click to view the available configuration options

Print: Click to view a drop down of print options

Display Approaches: Normally minimized, click to view the approach selector

Find: Snap to a particular record within the logbook

Summary Data: Displays Summary Bar information

Error Checking: Initiates an error checking routine to look for common data entry errors

Help: Displays the help documentation for the logbook area

Close: Closes the Windows Log

Figure 4. Windows Style Log Navigator

First Record: Click to jump to the first logbook entry

Previous Record: Click to move to the previous logbook entry

Flight Selector: Click to view a list of all available flights, select an item in the list to jump the respective logbook entry

Next Record: Click to move to the next logbook entry

Last Record: Click to move to the last logbook entry

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