The Menu is your primary means of navigation throughout APDL.

To open the menu, you can tap the menu button at the top left of the screen or swipe the screen to the right. All data on the screen will slide right to reveal the menu underneath. Closing the menu is accomplished in the reverse order. You can tap the menu button again, or swipe the data area of the screen to the left.

While the menu is open, it can be scrolled up or down to view all menu items.

The menu is broken down into several groups of similar pages. Tap any item in the menu to go to that page. Several items display information directly on the menu for quick reference.

Menu Items

(Click any link below to view the documentation for that specific area of APDL for more information)

At the top of the menu you can access the Search function followed by the Status Board row.


The Alerts row has a lozenge which indicates the number and type of current alerts. The color of the lozenge indicates the type of the most critical alert. It will be gray for advisory messages, yellow for an alert on a future duty period, and red for an alert on the current duty period.

The Crosscheck row displays the number of flights, if any, with missing data that need attention.

The Sync row displays the last time APDL successfully synced to the NC Software servers. Tapping the sync row will perform a manual sync. The Sync menu item font color will change to yellow if there is new data on the device that has not yet been synced.

The Duty group will probably be the section of the menu that you use most often in day to day use of APDL. It includes multiple different views to display your duty periods and interact with them.

The first row is a quick link to your current or upcoming duty period. Tapping this row will take you directly to the Trip View for the current or next duty period depending on your current status.

The Schedule row displays the current month. Tapping this row will take you to the Schedule View.

The Calendar row will take you to the Calendar View.

The Logbook row is only available on iPad. Tapping this row will take you to the Logbook View.

The Commute Info row displays your next commute. Tapping this row will take you to the Commute Info page.

Schedule Importer

The Import Trip row is used to access the Schedule Importer. When you tap this menu row, you will get a prompt to choose which import method you wish to use.

If this is the first time you have tapped the Import Trip menu item, you will get a second prompt asking if you would like to remember the chosen import option as default. This will cause APDL to go directly to your preferred import method when tapping the Import Trip menu item in the future, skipping the prompt to choose an import method. You can change this default method in Settings > Schedule Importer at any time.

The Check Schedule row is used to perform a schedule check (if configured).

The Legality Status row displays a Legality Lozenge to indicate your current legality status. Tapping this row will take you to the Legality Status page.

Tap Weather Map to go to the Weather Map page.

The What If row will take you to the What If legality page.

The Payroll row displays your gross pay for the month. This can be turned off in Settings > General for privacy if desired. Tapping this row will take you to the Payroll page.

The Summary row displays your actual block time year to date. Tapping this row will take you to the Summary page.

Tap Reports to view the various reports available.

Tap Flight Search to use the Flight Search function.

Tap the My Account row to view information about your account. If you are not currently signed into your account, tap this row to sign in.

Tap Settings to go to the Settings page.

Tap the Resources button to view various resources associated with APDL including the latest version of FAR 117 at faa.gov.

Tap the Communication row for various communication options.

The About row displays the currently installed version of APDL on your device. Tapping this row will take you to the APDL splash screen.

The Share row will allow you to share APDL with a crewmember by displaying a QR code, or with any of the other iOS share methods such as AirDrop, message, or email.

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